Thursday Challenge ~ Trees

2009-05-21 @ 20:35:17

Sometimes I participate in this Thursday Challenge, but sometimes I just cant find the time or the photo to join in =). But this week I can!! I could present alot more than one photo.... But one is the game in this challenge. Look here to see more trees....

This is a "nosetree". No, not really, but we often call it that. Theese little "noses" has like glue if you brake them in half and separate the "nose", and then you can glue it on to your own nose.
The real name in Swedish in Lönn, or Acer platanoides L. in latin.

Carpe Diem

Välkommen åter!
Postat av: Gail

They look like what we call "helicopters" here in the U.S. They are the seeds of the maple trees and they come twirling down like helicopter propellers in the spring and fall. The maple tree is an acer tree. I think your tree is called a Norway Maple here in the states.

2009-05-21 @ 22:59:45
Postat av: Rijo

Hi Gail. I guess we are both right, I did not find out the english word...=) It is fun to know things, not that they really matter, but it is fun to know anyway.

2009-05-22 @ 11:02:58

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